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Troizenfants is one of the favourite brands of Les Culottes Courtes. From coats to accessories, all is seductive, stylized, full of charm and lightness.
Here is the pictures of all their collections, the stores to make your shopping, our favorite pieces and of course the sale and bargains announcements.

Logo Troizenfants

Troizenfants has been created in 2004 by Valérie Herbert and Virginie de Gemini and is a favourite of Les Culottes Courtes for ages.
Collections after collections, the brand affirms its style mixing retro influences and desire of modernity to create intemporal and irresistibly attractive clothes.
Beautiful fabrics and delicate prints and patterns seduce at the first view and, added to the retro shapes, create absolutely charming looks.
Troizenfants designs clothes for babies (girls and boys), for children 2-12 years with now also a boy collection not to miss, and also for 12-18 years girls under the name So'Teen.
We love Troizenfants for all their works !

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All our articles about Troizenfants :

  • The end of the adventure

    It’s a very sad news, which particularly touch the Culottes Courtes team which was since 200§ a fervent supporter of the brand : Troizenfants is closed. Despite the effort of the founders Valérie Herbert et Virginie de Gemini, and despite creations always renewed with the same charm and deli...

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    Troizenfants unveils its Winter 2015 collection

    The store is still focused on the summer sale, offering all the Summer collection with 60% OFF, but Troizenfants has unveiled its FW 2015 catalog. A collection which will be particularly fashion : the retro influences of the brand are still present but adorned with stars, sequins and (false) furs....

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    Flowered temptations on troizenfants

    I like the Sale on Troizenfants because it’s simple : they offer 50% OFF on all the online store, from the babies to the teenagers, from the coats to the accessories passing through all the summer wardrobe. And I like it also because I love their collections, of course, and...

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    The Troizenfants Private Sales are on !

    Here is one of the most interesting Private Sale of the Spring : Troizenfants offers 50% OFF on all articles until May, the 10th. No minimum of order, no selection of articles, it’s well all products for babies, girls and teenagers which are in sale. It’s exactly like summer sale...

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    The new collection troizenfants is here !

    Yum, the summer Troizenfants collection has been launched and it makes me the same effect than when my daughter opens a sweets pack : the desire of eat all but the necessity to make a choice. Between the little dresses, the blouses, the t-shirts, the skirts, but also the hats...

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    [Sale] 60% OFF on all products on Troizenfants

    Troizenfants has launched its second markdown and offers now 60% OFF on all products from all collections. And it’s even more interesting when you see that the choice of products, colors and sizes is still very large. An occasion not to miss, not only to complete your winter wardrobe but...

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    The Troizenfants Private Sales !

    What we like on the Troizenfants Private Sale, beside the clothes we love of course!, it’s that they are as real winter sale: the brand offer 50% OFF on all the website. The children collections, the babies collection and the collections So’Teen dedicated to 12-18 years old girls are all...

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    Troizenfants has launched a boys collection

    Neat, one of our favourite brand meets Talc in the boys playground! If the girls choice is very large, it’s indeed sometimes difficult to find charming clothes for the little boys, so it’s a real pleasure to see Troizenfants launch this collection. The range is still small but stunning a...

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    40% OFF on Troizenfants wool products

    The week-end is announced as beautiful but the winter is in approach and the Troizenfants special offer arrives at the perfect moment. Sweaters, cardigans, dresses: a stunning selection of wool product is offered with 40% off on the official eshop of the French brand! 40% on wool products on Troizen...

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    [Preview] Troizenfants, So Teen, so chic !

    As a sweetie in the heart of summer, as a promise of a delightfull autumn, here is in preview the new collections Troizenfants and So’Teen Fall/Winter 2014! A Troizenfants collection exactly as we like: delicate, romantic and nostalgic and in the same time playful, inventive and full of lightn...

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    Summer Sale: focus on Talc and Troizenfants

    Among the second and third markdowns of the summer sale, focus today on two of our favorite designers: Talc, which is available in sale with 30% or 40% off on SMALLable and on Little Michèle et Noëlle: Talc fashion in sale on SMALLable and on Little Michèle et Noëlle And...

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    Irresistible Private Sale on Troizenfants !

    A few weeks after the others, but those who have been patient will be rewarded, Troizenfants launches its spring Private Sale: all the products are offered with 50% OFF ! 30€ for a dress, 20€ for a blouse, 15/20€ for a top, a skirt or a short, without forget the...

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    A ray of sunshine !

    What a pleasure between two storms to discover the new Spring Summer 2014 Troizenfants collection, softly photographed on a sweet summer day… It’s gracious, light, punchy but never flashy, definitely all that we like! Click to enlarge Collection TroiZenfantS Spring / Summer 2014 availabl...

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    [Winter Sale] Up to 60% Off on Troizenfants

    Winter Sale are still running of course with often the second markdown, and among all these temptations don’t miss to visit Troizenfants which offers bargains up to 60% Off on really beautiful clothes. Just impossible to resist 😉 Winter Sale on Troizenfants...

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    Special baby on Troizenfants

    Troizenfants has just launched a Baby special offer: up to 40% OFF on all baby products ! It will be live until october, the 23th but don’t wait too much: the sizes choice is already limited! Baby offer on Troizenfants: See the girls See the boys...

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    TroiZenfantS adds a piece to its jigsaw

    TroiZenfantS – Click to enlarge The new Troizenfants collection is in store! As usual charming with its retro inspiration, always delicate in its patterns and fabrics, this collection is a little bit more fashion with the new range So’Teen by TroiZenfantS dedicated to teenagers. An excel...

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    Sale: 60% OFF on Troizenfants

    Summer sale are still running on Troizenfants which offers now 60% Off on all summer 2013 products, including these delicious little swimsuits which will be perfect for the holidays! Summer sale on Troizenfants...

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    Half Price on TroiZenfantS

    The Private Sale are launched on the Troizenfants online store: half price on a part of the collection and 40% Off on almost all other products! Don’t wait, eternal charm but limited stocks! Troizenfants...

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    TroiZenfantS summer 2013

    After Talc, and waiting for Noro, here is the new collection from one of our favourites brands which arrives in store! Not yet on the official eshop, the novelties from Troizenfants are indeed available now on Little Fashion Gallery as on Melijoe and it’s as each season a ray of...

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    TroiZenfantS: a charming Winter collection with 20% Off !

    TroiZenfantS – Click to enlarge As usual, the TroiZenfantS new winter collection is marvellous. And this week is the perfect moment to enjoy it: they offer 20% OFF on all their online store until october, the 21st! TroiZenfantS – Click to enlarge TroiZenfantS Winter 2012 collection avail...

The brand Troizenfants

Headquarters : 105 rue Raymond Barbet - 92000 Nanterre - France
Telephone: +33 (0)1 41 20 49 99
Email: serviceclients @
Website :
Troizenfants on Facebook :
The Troizenfants clothes are also available online on:
SMALLable and Melijoe

Logo Troizenfants
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