The Schoolbag of the week #1

First part of long-term series today on Les Culottes Courtes: I receive each week many emails from brands and designer who present their products but I don’t have enough time to discover and present in detail their creations. So, to not miss all these nice addresses, these inspiring sources and these young (or confirmed) designers, here is the Schoolbag of the week !
A new selection will be published each friday and we start today with :

So cute babies Ballerinas, but also accessories, cushions and scarves from Micocola


Shoes again,for babies and young children, in the pure Italian luxury style with Sonatina


Some DIY with the delicious French boutique Henry & Henriette which has launched an eshop !

Henry & Henriette

And fashion, of course, with the gorgeous and irresistible Danish brand Poppy Rose.

Poppy Rose

Happy week-end !

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