Summer sale are not finished


Two days after the official date of the end of the summer sale, it’s far of being finished!
Here is a few websites full of bargains not to miss:

On SMALLable nothing has changed: the sale page is still the same and you can filter by bargains so it allows you to directly browse the 70% OFF page ūüėČ

Same thing on Troizenfants where the homepage is still about the sale and which offers 60% OFF on all products.

On My Little Square you need to have a code which offers 50% OFF on all summer fashion. The magic code is ETE14

On Louis Louise the sale page has disappeared but the Outlet page is back and you’ll find all the summer 2014 collection at half price.

On Caramel Baby & Child the sale page is unchanged and all which isn’t “out of stock” is offered with 60% OFF.

On Noro also there is sale not to miss.

And of course also on ChildrenSalon which has the biggest choice of the Internet!

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