Still fond of Noro

Noro Paris Fashion Winter 2014

Noro has just launched its new fall/winter 2014 collection and it’s a new time a delight to discover their creations. The French brand has indeed a different place on the fashion market (and in our heart), designing an timeless fashion which never follows the short-lived trends but in the opposite lets it mark on the time.
The re-designed retro charm is present on all the collection, mixing 50’S inspirations with streetwear accessories and Couture details, creating garments in the same time simple and sophisticated, seductive at the first look.
In love with Noro I was, In love with Noro I am each day a little more!

Noro Paris Fashion Winter 2014 Noro Paris Fashion Winter 2014
Noro Paris Fashion Winter 2014 Noro Paris Fashion Winter 2014
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The Noro Winter 2014 collection is available on different websites:
A part can be found on the Noro eshop
(on the section “Girls Autumn/Winter 2014/15” for some pieces and on the section “Girls/Winter 2014” for other pieces)
You can find also different models on SMALLable
And other again on Elias & Grace

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