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    (Small) selection Stella McCartney summer 2015

    My feeling with the new collection Stella McCartney Kids is as usual very contrasting. A large part of the collection is not for my taste, really not (may be am I too serious ?) but some outfits are absolutely charming. I’m so each season floating between love and hate and...

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    Love Stella MacCartney Kids, for better and for worse

    As usual, Stella McCartney Kids presents this season a very contrasting collection. You will find marvels, full of softness blouses, fanciful coats, beautiful little skirts, but also surrealist prints and knitwear which will reminds good memories to the child of the seventies hippies. It’s of ...

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    A few marvels Stella McCartney

    I must confess that there is many, many things I don’t like among the new Stelle McCartney collection. I don’t like her dinosaur patterns, no more her tigers heads, and what to say about her superheros, her fluorescent trainers or her flashy flowers? So I wasn’t attracted but I hav...

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    Stella’s Summer

    The kids range of Stella McCartney is colorful and delicate as the universe of the designer. With Stella, basics are full of funny details, fashion is light and comfortable. It’s beautiful and it’s on sale, so there is no reason to hesitate 😉 Stella McCartney – Click to enlarge ...

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