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    And now a week of sale !

    The Melijoe Days are launched: 10 days of promotions with bargains from 20% to 50% OFF on a selection of products from well-known brands. Some favourites of the Culottes Courtes as Petit Bateau or Troizenfants and some Haute Couture brands (Versace, Monnalisa, Junior Gaultier, Missoni, Chloé, I Pin...

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    A week-end of sale and promotions

    After the Troizenfants special offer evoked yesterday, and waiting for Catimini tomorrow, here is three interesting sites which offer great bargains. EDIT: Louis Louise has a message for you 😉 EDIT: Catimini has launched a special operation with 30% OFF on a selection of products ...

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    Summer sale are not finished

    Two days after the official date of the end of the summer sale, it’s far of being finished! Here is a few websites full of bargains not to miss: On SMALLable nothing has changed: the sale page is still the same and you can filter by bargains so it allows...

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    Summer Sale on ChildrenSalon

    Waiting for the French Summer sale to come on the 25th June, do not miss the sale already running on the biggest children fashion shop, the well called ChildrenSalon! Reductions are “just” 30% off but the choice is amazing: 6586 products in sale at the moment..! The Summer Sale 2014...

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    A gift for you from Little Michele et Noelle

    As a ray of sunshine for the week-end, here is a special gift for you, dear readers, from the concept-store Little Michèle & Noëlle: 20% Off on all fashion (babies, girls and boys, shoes and accessories! Thanks to the code LMNCC (valid until June, the 10th), you can make your...

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    Spring Sale starts !

    A week of Spring Sale or Mid-Season Sale is to come! EDIT: Melijoe offers 15% OFF on all sale products thanks to the code MSS15 valid until monday evening! EDIT: Smallable has just launched its private Sale! Absolutely not to miss 😉 And we start with Melijoe which offers up...

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    So Small is now a part of Smallable

    The fashion & decoration Private Sales website So Small, launched by the Smallable team in 2011, is now became a part of Smallable. You can now mix “smallable” products and “so small” products in the same basket and benefit for a worldwide shipping. So do not miss the ta...

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    Already some (almost) sale !

    Of course it’s not official sale because it’s illegal in France but the spring special offers on My Little Square have the taste and the color of the sale: if your order is up to 300€, you will indeed benefit for 25% off! Spring special offers on My Little Square...

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    Big Destock on So Small

    After the sale, it’s still the sale! Do not miss the big destock on So Small: hundreds pieces offered with prices reduced up to 90%! Big destock on So Small...

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    The Winter Sale 2013/14 !

    On the road for the winter sale 1973, ooops, 2013/2014! Even if the pre-sales, private sales and other anniversary days happen almost everyday, the launching of the (real) winter sales is definitely the best moment of the year to benefit the most important bargains. Here is the essential guide of...

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    Happy Birthday French Blossom !

    French Blossom is celebrating its 2 years and offers you 20% Off on all products (except outlet) until october the 20th (code 2YEARS): on the menu beautiful clothes (Louis Louise, Emile et Ida, Merveilles, Le Marchand d’Etoiles) charming decoration (Lalé, Mimi’Lou, Poisson Bulle, La Cas...

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    10 days of Melijoe

    A few days after the launching of the LFDays, it’s today the debut of the 10 days of Melijoe: bargains from 20% to 65% on thousands of products from many well-known brands, plus free delivery via UPS. Andiamo! The ten days of Melijoe...

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    Already the Little Fashion Days !

    LFG creates the surprise today, launching a month earlier than usual its Little Fashion Days, which are not a week of cocktails and runways but 10 days of sales on a selection of products from top brands in children’s fashion! The LFDAYS autumn 2013 on Little Fashion Gallery...

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    Michiko and Me launches Summer Sale

    the beautiful creations inspired by the Japan and made in the UK from Michiko and Me, which I had the pleasure to show off a few months ago (read Japanese flowers), are now in Summer Sale on the designer’s eshop! Michiko and Me...

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    [Sale] Special shoes not to miss !

    Not only the choice of shoes in sale on LFG is enormous and composed by the more fashion and creative brands (Pèpè, Anniel, Bensimon, Converse, Vans, Paul Smith, Pom d’Api, Start Rite, Veja…), but they also launch a special offer: 20% off if you buy two pairs (code SHOES20) including...

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    Unmissable Third Markdowns !

    Petit Bateau swimsuits for 12€, Talc or Agnès B dresses for 30€, a pair of Bensimon for 12€, a Roxy sweat for 11€, etc, etc… Do not miss the third markdowns on the biggest kids fashion eshops!!! Third markdown on SMALLable: Third markdown on LFG:...

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