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    Happy Back to school !

    Les Culottes Courtes wishes you a joyful 2016 Back to school ! And if you are still looking for the essential accessory of the moment, note that Tann’s & Petit Bateau have created in collaboration two beautiful schoolbags. Flowered for the girls and striped for the boys, or the opposite...

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    Petit Bateau hoists the colors of the spring

    Red lemons and multicolor birds are the symbols of the new summer 2015 Petit Bateau collection. A collection less graphic than last winter, which plays with the motifs and the contrasts to create clothes which will perfectly fit with the lightness and the frivolity of the spring. Among my favourites...

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    An autumn chic or graphic with Petit Bateau

    Petit Bateau has got over the simple striped sweater which has made its history and its reputation for a long time but they are able each season to renew it, to recreate it, and sometimes just to evoke it with pieces in the same time close and distant. Beside these...

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    A mini collection Petit Bateau by Christian Lacroix

    Here is a Christmas gift which arrives just in time! Petit-Bateau has just unveiled a mini collection Women and Girls designed by the excellent Christian Lacroix and presented in a beautiful red & gold box. Let’s go, in the Santa claus’ sac! Petit Bateau by Christian Lacroix –...

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    Claude Ponti chicks on Petit Bateau

    I don’t know if you know the Claude Ponti chicks in Europe but be sure in France they are well-known by all the children. They now can be worn proudly on t-shirts thanks to a special collection designed by the writer for Petit Bateau. A summer collection to discover on...

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    Graphic Sailor

    Special year for Petit Bateau which will celebrate the 120th anniversary of the brand, and which beautifully starts with a collection called Graphic Sailor which mixes iconic pieces and pretty novelties! Available now on Petit Bateau – Click to enlarge Collection Petit Bateau ...

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    Little Sleep

    The poetic patterns from Petit Pan are associated to the legendary comfort and softness from Petit Bateau to offer dreamy nights to our kids… A beautiful collection available on Petit Bateau & Petit Pan – Click to enlarge Collection Petit Bateau & Petit Pan ava...

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    Petit Bateau launch it online boutique

    While high luxury brands are still waiting, the French brand, so famous for it indestructibles tee-shirts and so comfortables body’s has opened it online boutique ! Petit Bateau proposes now for online orders all it collections, for babies, childrens and adults, friendly presented and easy to ...

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