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    Pale Cloud ceases its activity (and launches special sale)

    I was enthusiast last month to present their new collection, I’m sad today to receive their announcement of the end of the brand activity after the winter season. The luxury brand, many times awarded for their designs, hasn’t successfully found the equilibrium between a production highly...

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    Pale Cloud : Children’s daily Haute-Couture

    The cuts, the patterns, the fabrics : each detail makes Pale Cloud one of the more Haute-Couture of the children fashion brands. The best proof is there new collection ATE, dedicated to women, which offers many outfits from the children collection resized for adults. It’s the opposite of the M...

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    Pale Cloud Spring / Summer 2015

    Season after season, Pale Cloud confirms its desire to be the brand the more chic of the world of children fashion. Silk blouses, chiffon dresses, crepes and cottons, the fabrics are sumptuous, the designs are falsely sober and really sophisticated, always looking for elegance. Outfits which will be...

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    Festive outfits again : Pale Cloud, of course !

    Impossible to evoke festive outfits without talking about the luxury and flamboyant creations from Pale Cloud, and even more because half pieces of their eshop are in sale and, if the size you need is available, you can find in some gorgeous dresses for £60. Some sample of these beauties...

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    Pale Cloud: as chic as mum !

    The new Pale Cloud collection is online on their website and available in the same time on ChildrenSalon and the less I can say is: wow! The dresses, skirts and tops are majestuously delicate, and without any doubt as chic as luxury ready-to-wear for adults. These garments will be perfect...

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    Pale Cloud, more and more chic

    Pale Cloud – Click to enlarge Pale Cloud presents this autumn a collection definitely sober (except a few pieces as the red leather dress 😉 ) where the work on fabrics is essential. Classic cuts, so, but with absolutely Haute-Couture details and fabrics for a collection ultra chic inspired ...

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    Pale Cloud Spring/Summer 2013

    Their website is under (re)construction but the new Pale Cloud collection will a new time cause a stir. Creative, luxuous, so chic! And for the opening of their website, the winter Pale Cloud collection is offered with 50% OFF on Kids Stars 🙂 Pale Cloud – Click to enlarge Spring/Summer...

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    Preview Pale Cloud Summer 2012

    Pale Cloud – Click to enlarge Not yet on their website which is ending the winter sales, here is some pics of of the beautiful spring/summer 2012 Pale Cloud collection. The young swedish brand seduces us a new time by its talent to mix the sophistication of its clothes and...

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