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The Kids Fashion Stylist Blog. "Les Culottes Courtes" is a French name which evoke the children's vintage schoolwear.

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    An holliday perfume…

    It’s the end of autumn hollidays in France but when I browse the Balade en Roulotte website it’s smells hot chocolate and walks on the seaside… Colors are sweet, fabrics are warmy and creations are delicate: it’s really nicely presented and definitely attractive! Balade en Ro...

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    I want a pair of Petite Maloles !

    Click on picture to see larger This little baby shoes, discovered while browsing the excellent catalog of Little Fashion Gallery, are designed by Petite Maloles. It’s a playful declension in baby sizes of the must-have models from the Spanish famous brand Maloles. How to have absolutely fashio...

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    Winter collections from La Queue du Chat

    La Queue du Chat continue marvellously it road on the fashion world with this new winter collections, always organic, always produced in a fair-trade process, and of course always very pleasant, funny and comfortables… Clothes attractive as the tail of the cat! Collections from La Queue du Cha...

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    The little guide of Bebeo’s websites

    Since Bebeo has been separated in three websites, some readers told me their confusion regarding their catalog (probably the largest online!). So here is a short “practice guide” of the fashionista. Be careful of temptations: there’s only VIP! -> BEBEO: 0/2 years. A unique website ...

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    Welcome to Malau Collection

    It’s one of the great novelties of this autumn: the launching of the website Malau Collection which will help us to discover the most interesting young designers of fashion clothes for kids. Around Judith lacroix they provides Le Marchand d’Etoile (above) and especially the so attractive...

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    The webshop the more design

    Babygeared is probably one of the more design online store for the kids. A brief look on the list of it designers shows it as an evidence: jonathan adler, bill amberg, ron arad, jenny argie & andrew thornton, kay bojesen, sophie demenge & michael ryan, charles + ray eames, roberto...

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    Catimini Fall/Winter

    Catimini presents it new collections fall/winter 2007 and as usual it’s a mixed between cheerfulness and poetry which will seduce the parents as the kids. Clothes which even in winter will give desire to go out! New collections from Catimini availables in this online stores...

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    Sales at Little Fashion Gallery

    Luxury sales on many kids clothes collections (here Caramel & Antik Batik) at Little Fashion Gallery. The more fashion sales of the net! Pictures: Caramel Baby and Child / Antik Batik Little Fashion Gallery...

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    Sales at Blooming & Mini Marvellous

    Sales with 50% Off at Blooming Marvellous (pregnant womens, babies, nursery) and at it brother Mini Marvellous for kids cloths, toys and decoration. Have a look particularly on the UV protector collections at Blooming.. Blooming Marvellous / Mini Marvellous...

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    The casters of Sirch

    Big flash this morning for this wood toys from Sirch discovered in the excellent catalog of Little Fashion Gallery. Sufficiently sobers and fluids to not disfigure the lounge and in the same time full of sweet and funny forms, especially the big casters, to stay attractives for the kids. Here...

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