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The Kids Fashion Stylist Blog. "Les Culottes Courtes" is a French name which evoke the children's vintage schoolwear.

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    Marese novelties as a summer sunshine

    Be careful: the good mood of the new spring-summer collections from Marèse is contagious! We think to be already in spring, we go out in tee-shirt, searching flowers in the parcs, wanting to make a trip in bicycle, dreaming of the seaside… and we will almost write a poem 😉...

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    Half price on La Queue du Chat Baby

    La petite Girafe makes sales with 50% Off on all it La Queue du Chat collections for babies (1, 3 & 6 months). Don’t wait, stocks are really strong! In the same time the corporate website of La Queue du Chat presents the new summer 2008 collections, as usual gorgeous,...

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    I want the same shirt as dad !

    Ok my son… It’s indeed possible with Little Fashion Gallery which now provides online Little Marc Jacobs! Only a few products at the moment but the collection will be enlarged and will certainly becomes a must-have of the shop! And as you are at LFG do not miss the sales...

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    The Bugaboo Bee

    Here is the new Bugaboo Bee! Dedicated to urban people (who don’t need the large wheels), the Bee is attractive for it compacity, simplicity and agility. Even if we lost the reversible handlebar, that stroller should be as useful in the subway as to make a “sales shopping trip” on...

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    Sales: more and more bargains

    Melijoe enlarge it second discount sales on many winter 07 collections (particularly on Catimini, Marèse, Jean Bourget, Levi’s…) with 50% Off and still a large choice. Sales at Melijoe...

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    Sales: Second discount on IKKS

    Just one week after the official French sales start, Melijoe already proposes a second discount and provide all the IKKS collections with 40% and 50% Off! IKKS collections in sale at Melijoe...

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    The French Sales !

    French sales are launched..! Pure luxury: Sales at Little Fashion Gallery: 30% to 50% Off on AirdeJe, Album Di Famiglia, Antik Batik, Bianca & Family, Caramel baby&child, Doré Doré, Kids Gallery, Knitty Baby, Rosie Flo, Sirch, Troizenfants, Tuss, Wowo… My favorites: Melijoe: For th...

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    Win a Stokke Tripp Trapp high chair

    Stokke, the designer of the famous XPlory stroller, proposes to offer it evolutive Tripp Trapp high chair through a photo contest around the family. Send them an image of your family, your pregnancy, your baby or your children: be creative and you maybe win the Tripp Trapp (3 winners each...

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    Too young for an Iphone? Offer them a Playsam toy!

    No, it’s not the mouse of my Imac but it’s really a wood toy! Designs from Playsam reminds indeed those from Apple, as sober as stylish, and I must admit that I’m a fan! The question is now: will my daughter accept to lend me her car..? Playsam toys availables...

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    Thank’s to Elle

    Thank’s to ELLE magazine which has published this week a friendly news about the Culottes Courtes, and welcome to Elle’s readers. We invite you to browse the blog and to visit our online kid’s fashion shopping guide!...

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    The enchanted mobiles from Puka Puka

    I love the exotic side of the Internet: after found my shoes in Los Angeles, I’ve just bought a mobile in Australia…! The creations from Puka Puka are all what I love: light, gracious and delicately untidy! Besides in Japanese Puka Puka means “an object gently floating in spaceR...

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    The naive designs of Judith Lacroix

    We got used to sober and delicate prints which are the style of Judith lacroix, but I didn’t know her taste for this naive and charming designs discovered at Petit Lab. In the same collection I cannot resist to this winter dress: my daughter who’s always talking about pink and...

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