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    Noro acts the clown

    Discover the new Noro collection Fall Winter 2015 ! A beautiful lookbook, and a beautiful collection, of course, as usual with Noro which has created this season oniric pictures, at half way between creative postcards, spectacle posters and illustration of tale books… An imagery which perfectl...

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    Poetic, discreet but precious : here is Noro !

    Back to chic and charm today with the new collection Noro, as usual ravishing, stylized and delicate. Noro has a unique place in the world of children fashion (and women fashion, do not miss it when you’ll visit their website) and continues to develop its style season after season for...

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    Still fond of Noro

    Noro has just launched its new fall/winter 2014 collection and it’s a new time a delight to discover their creations. The French brand has indeed a different place on the fashion market (and in our heart), designing an timeless fashion which never follows the short-lived trends but in the oppo...

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    Noro summer 2014, part II

    I’ve presented the debut of the collection in March and I didn’t know at this time if we can hope to see more, so it’s a pleasure to see that the complete collection is now available on the brand website and for a part on Smallable. As usual absolutely beautiful,...

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    Noro is still (a little) here !

    It’s hard to know exactly what happens to Noro. We was afraid it was the end but they continue each season to offer a few pieces; the last ones are juste arrived on SMALLable. It’s for many years one the Culottes Courtes favourite’s brand and it would be a disaster...

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    A few novelties from Noro paris

    Noro Paris – Click to enlarge Even if more and more discreet, the brand Noro Paris is still here and a few novelties are available on SMALLable. If you’re as me sensible to the eternal charm of their creations, don’t wait! Firstly because there is just a few pieces available,...

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    Sale on Noro Paris

    Sure the Noro eshop is not the more ergonomic or the more contemporary website we saw, but their collections are absolutely stunning and they offer 50% off on almost all: summer, last winter, girls, boys and mums of course! It definitely deserves a little effort of browsing 😉 Sale on...

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    Noro Paris is back !

    We waited for it, we hoped to see it, the collection Noro Paris summer 2013 is finally available on SMALLable! Certainly a very small collection, certainly with just a few pieces in stock (don’t wait if you’re tempted!), but always with the marvellous charm of Noro. Clothes simply beauti...

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    Noro Winter 2012

    The official store is still offering summer sales, but the new Noro winter collection is now available on SMALLable. As usual an irresistible charm, but as usual also limited stocks, so don’t wait! Noro – Click to enlarge Noro winter 2012 collection available on SMALLable...

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    Noro Private Sale on So Small

    A Noro Private Sale has just been launched on So Small and it’s not to miss: clothes are from summer collections, choice is very large, prices are reduced up to 70% and the charm of Noro is as usual irresistible! So Small...

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    Noro Private Sale on So Small

    Beautiful winter coats at 75€, cardigans and blouses at 35€, skirts, winter shorts and trousers at 30€… An inimitable style and an excellent quality at affordable prices, it’s as marvellous as Noro and it’s immediately on So Small...

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    First Noro novelties

    Just a few pieces from the new Noro winter 2011 collection have been launched, on the Noro eshop as on SMALLable, but they have as usual a huge success and some garments/sizes are already unavailable… Don’t wait if you find just what you need on these first models! Noro winter...

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    Beautiful Noro

    The Noro summer 2011 collection is (finally!) arriving step by step on their website and mostly on SMALLable. Their inspired clothes have an irresistible charm. Sometimes discreet and sometimes definitly chic, they will make jealous the mums who don’t know that Noro also designs an adult colle...

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    Noro Paris in Sale on Cabane Chic (and on Noro) !

    The private sale Noro (Women and Children) has just been launched on Cabane Chic and prices are really interesting, with 50% or 60% Off on all products. If you don’t find your size, have a look on the official webshop which proposes a very large choice with 40% Off....

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    Noro collection finally here !

    I was fan of the last Noro summer 2010 collection and was desperate to see nothing comming… It’s finally arrived, not yet on the official website of the Parisian brand but on SMALLable which has just launched the Noro winter novelties for babies and kids from 2 to 10 years....

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    Charming collection from Noro

    Click to enlarge Total summer look 100% Noro choosen among their collection at SMALLable. I watch this clothes and I get the impression to see the Mediterranean sea…! Click to enlarge Summer 2010 Noro collection available at SMALLable...

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