Mum, my Schoolbag !

july, the 10th: Mum, I need a school bag for the back to school!
Yes my dear, we will manage to buy it during the holidays.
august, the 5th: Mum, when will we buy my schoolbag?
Soon, soon, but today is too sunny, we will enjoy the beach!
august, the 20th: Mum, I WANT my school bag!
Ok, come on, we are going to browse the Internet…

The Essential: probably the best mix look.quality/price, the classical Bakker schoolbag is available in multiple colors & patterns and in different fabrics (cotton, leather, vinyl).
About 50€ on Cabane Chic and SMALLable
schoolbag Bakker

The vintage: the mythical Tann’s schoolbag revisited.
About 60€ on LFG, Tann’s and Mes Bagages
schoolbag Tann's

The ornamented: the velvet schoolbag from Moulin Roty.
About 70€ on Petit Zèbre
schoolbag Moulin Roty

The super chic: the vintage leather versions from Miniséri (here in small).
From 120 to 200€ on SMALLable and LFG
schoolbag Miniséri

The “is it still for kids?”: the leather US bags designed by RockMafia.
About 210€ on SMALLable
schoolbag RockMafia

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