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    Monamici : gorgeous but unobtainable

    Monamici is not a new born among the children fashion brands, already featured here in 2009, but even if the brand seems well established in Sweden, their clothes are quite impossible to find online and it’s a shame. The few images available of their summer collection show ravishing outfits wh...

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    Little treasures from Monamici

    Monamici – Click to enlarge Monamici is without any doubt one of our favorite brands when we look towards the Big North (and particularly towards Sweden). But it’s also one the more discreet on the Internet. Scandinavian Minimall (UK) proposes a small but beautiful Monamici selection, am...

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    Monamici temptations

    Click to enlarge Thank’s to Anna Ka Bazaar for make me discover Monamici: well known in sweden but not much in western europe, Monamici is definitely a brand to follow. Their winter collection is an example of delicacy, with almost simple but never classical designs, and many details which mak...

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