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    Amazing Makié

    Makié makes us dream a new time this autumn with a variety of fabrics and prints very inspired, silky cottons, woollen cottons, with flowers or checked, and still it sober and fluent cuts which make this clothes little reasures to wear and to watch. A collection to discover with delight...

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    Makié now at SMALLable

    I told you few days ago, it’s now live: the first Makié pieces are available at SMALLable (which could be an easier way to order it for European customers)… If you don’t know Makié yet, just visit her website to discover her complete collection, including some beautiful pieces fo...

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    A must-have from Makié

    Not many novelties at the moment on the Makié online store, but among them some marvellous pieces, as that absolutely beautiful coat I can’t resist to present! Furthermore her splendid dresses are still available to order 🙂 I’m definitly fan of her creations… Makié...

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    Makié, Tuss and Anne Valerie Hash in sale !

    I told you recently I was a fan of Makié and nice surprise today: she’s now in sale, with Tuss, Anne Valérie Hash and few other large brands of kids fashion. It happens (in english) at the (Swedish) webshop of the (Danish) boutique ParTerre (it looks complicated told like that...

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    And I didn’t told you about Makié..!

    While it was my favorite discovery at the last Playtime salon! Makié designs clothes as I dream it: original even if sober, playful but absolutely smart, discreet but definitly elegant… All her collections are available at her webstore, as also some delicious pieces from Album di Famiglia. An...

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