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    Lalé has launched its webshop

    Good news: the famous French designer Lalé has just launched her e-shop! And to celebrate it, they offer a gift with each order! It’s Christmas before Christmas 😉 Lalé – Click to enlarge Lalé collection available on her new e-shop...

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    Lalé has launched its website

    The marvellous French designer Lalé was (one of) the last who didn’t have a website…! It’s fixed, and you can now discover her current and past collections on Lalé.fr, even if you will have to visit SMALLable, Melijoe or Little You if you want to buy her products! Lalé.fr Lalé...

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    No idea ? Think Lalé !

    Here is gifts which will enjoy mums as they will make the pleasure of the kids: Lalé products are as useful as playful (suitcases, pencil cases, bags) and as marvellous as beautiful (and the fact that Lalé designs it own patterns makes them absolutely originals!). A safe bet for those...

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    The charming style of Lalé

    This is very very nice objects. Real treasures of tenderness and delicacy in a vintage spirit which drives us in a sweet nostalgia of games and dreams… It’s so difficult to resist to that collection, and it becomes impossible if you know that some products are in sale here and...

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