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    Here is Les Culottes Courtes #V4 !

    A few months before our 10th anniversary, Les Culottes Courtes is proud to present its new design ! Clearer and responsive, it comes with a new logo and a new presentation of our content, still and more than ever focused on the last trends and the Avant-Garde of the children...

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    Back to You !

    Hey, it’s Back to School ! Les Culottes Courtes are just back from long holidays and before a detailed presentation of the winter collections from our favorite designers, here is a small selection made among the tons of novelties arrived on the last few days on SMALLable. A small dress...

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    So chic, my derbies Clotaire

    Clotaire is a charming French brand, which offers a collection very small but ravishing and handmade in Portugal which is a sign of premium quality. And Clotaire offers special prices on some products, and particularly on the derbies created for the 10th anniversary of Mini Labo which are available ...

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    Blune : a successful summer 2015 collection

    Blune is a young French brand which really deserves to be discovered : their SS15 collection is delicately stylized and reflects a research on fabrics, shapes and patterns which successfully develops a real universe. The inspirations are varied, from the cols Claudine of the 30’s to 70’s...

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    Under the sun !

    The sun is coming in this beautiful May, and with it the pleasure to lightly cover our heads ! So here is a chic & charm selection as we like on Les Culottes Courtes ! My two favorite are without hesitation the hat Chloé above (£61 on ChildrenSalon) and the...

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    Beautiful papers by Papier Tigre

    Papier Tigre is a beautiful French small enterprise which not only produces in France “with fun and good care” on recycled papers, but also has tons of creative ideas to invent ravishing products. Fun, surprising, poetic and graphic, the Papier Tigre universe enthralls the everyday life ...

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    Beautiful Smokks

    Smokks is a New York based brand created by Hallie Burton to dress girls and their moms. The concept is to be very simple (accessible to dad’s) : no buttons, no zips, no hooks, only fabrics, knots and ribbons, and ample arm holes which allows to wear these pretty dresses...

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    The schoolbag of the week #2

    Here is as each week (since last week 😉 ) the Schoolbag of the Week : a few links I haven’t had time to explore in detail but which deserve to be shared. In my School bag this week a reference of the DIY : and its thousands different...

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    Endgame for La Marelle

    La Marelle Editions was until yesterday an editor of decoration objects, stationery and varied accessories designed by young artists inspired and inspiring. Their collections enjoy and add a poetic touch to everyday life, and make our houses original, for ten years. In the same time they have helped...

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    The Schoolbag of the week #1

    First part of long-term series today on Les Culottes Courtes: I receive each week many emails from brands and designer who present their products but I don’t have enough time to discover and present in detail their creations. So, to not miss all these nice addresses, these inspiring sources an...

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    The minimalists but beautiful disguises by Numero 74

    Far of the frou-frous, tulle and glitter, the Numero 74 disguises are often limited to a cape and a mask or a cape and a crown, plus a pretty fairy wand. But these accessories are beautifully designed and so absolutely sufficient to create a character. More than that: their evocative...

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    Nailmatic Kids, the nail varnish you need

    The first interest of the Nailmatic Kids nail varnish is of course that it is without any toxic products or aggressive chemicals and washable with soapy water (no more danger for the clothes). But it is also beautiful, colourful and glittery, and nicely presented in a colouring box. The Nailmatic...

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    Hop Hop Hop, a beautiful jewelry !

    It will be the little gift which will make a big effect. It’s hard to say exactly why but one thing is sure: the Hop Hop Hop jewels are irresistible. Far of the industrial products, the Hop Hop Hop creations are little treasures of charm and delicacy, handmade with love,...

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    In the Christmas Edit of Elias & Grace

    Collar Emile et Ida (£15) Elias & Grace has created a special page Christmas Edit and it’s the occasion to present some festive and charming outfits and some ravishing accessories. My favourites are without hesitation the Chloé dress, a treasure of softness, the so light Emila et Ida co...

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    Back to school !

    Just back from holidays, the Culottes Courtes family wishes you a joyful back-to-school and invite you to come back to tomorrow for the presentation of the Autumn/Winter 2014 collections!...

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