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  • Space Journey

    After its Jardin Sauvage, Il Gufo invites us now to visit moonscapes, fortunately cheered up by the radiant faces of the children and, of course, by the delicate outfits of the new Fall / Winter collection (without talking about the beautiful disguises !) Delicate clothes, so, as usual with this...

  • The Summer 2016 collection : Le Jardin Sauvage

    The brand invites you this season to visit their Jardin Sauvage to discover their new Spring Summer 2016 collection. A collection a new time marvellous, which offers ceremony outfits which can be worn everyday and everyday clothes often perfect also for a festive event. A chic & charm mix...

  • R

    Refreshing : Il Gufo Fall / Winter 2015/16

    Snow in Summer ! Even if the sun is shining on the beaches, the pictures of the next collection Il Gufo are so beautiful then I can’t resist to publish it without waiting. The collection, for boys as for girls, is as usual sumptuous, mixing chic clothes and charming outfits,...

  • I

    Il Gufo Spring / Summer 2015

    After the first t-shirts seen on Smallable two weeks ago, the charming Italian bran Il Gufo unveils its summer 2015 collection and a few treasures are to discover among a catalog which is as usual a mix between classic chic and creative fanciful. It’s this part which attracts us, of...

  • A

    A taste of spring thanks to Il Gufo

    It’s a debut of collection which nicely smells the spring : the flowered t-shirts from Il Gufo discovered on SMALLable (which supplies for the first time the Italian band) are indeed evocative of a softness and a lightness warmly welcomed in this end of January. A beautiful sign of the...

  • I

    Il Gufo unveils its Winter collection

    Il Gufo has unveiled its Fall / Winter 2014 collection: a charming collection, full of softness, quite classical but spiced by a beautiful choice of fabrics and patterns. Il Gufo is as usual brillant in the details: pleats, chiffon and wool give the delicate touch which makes these clothes real...

  • I

    Il Gufo, it’s also (beautiful) shoes

    I’ve already said how much I like the Il Gufo clothes which represent the Italian charm far of the bling-bling, but the brand deserves a focus on their shoes collection. They designed just a few models but which cover (…) Read more and view the pictures of the Il Gufo...

  • I

    Il Gufo in equilibrium

    Each season Il Gufo search the perfect equilibrium between classicism and modernity, tradition and creation, surprise and continuity. This new collection doesn’t make exception, passing from cocktail dresses to sportswear mixing the codes and the colors and offering some wonderful pieces (R...

  • I

    Il Gufo: sale and new collection

    Il Gufo, it’s always beautiful! It’s without hesitation with Talc, Noro and Troizenfants one of the more interesting brand I’ve had the pleasure to cover here (…) Read more and view the pictures of the Il Gufo Winter 2013 collection Collection Il Gufo Fall/Winter 2013 already...

  • I

    Il Gufo under the charm of the 50’S

    Definitely retro inspired collection this summer on Il Gufo, which evokes the grace of Jackie Kennedy and the lightness of the 50’S. Clothes incredibly charming thanks to their sobriety (…) Read more and view the pictures of the collection Il Gufo Sping Summer 2013 Collection Il Gufo Spr...

  • C

    Chic & Charm by Il Gufo

    A summer collection as soft as beautiful is arriving from Il Gufo, seductive through the charm of its patterns spiced by the couture details of the cuts which make these clothes absolutely adorables (…) Read more about Il Gufo Collection Il Gufo Spring/Summer 2012 available online on Kids Star...

  • L

    Luxury and creativity, by Il Gufo

    Definitely luxurious, the new Il Gufo collection mixes the quality of the fabrics and the sophistication of the garments with a refreshing touch of creativity. So, their clothes are chic and charming, and can be worn in any occasion (…) Read more about Il Gufo Collection winter 2011 Il Gufo...

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