Monstruous Smallable !

Yes, it’s Halloween !

And SMALLable is putting on a spooky scavenger hunt with a special Halloween Prize to win!

The rules are so simple:
1) Find one or more of the villains on the Smallable site and click the « like » button next to the character to show you’ve found it.
2) Then go to the facebook page ( and leave a comment to say you have played (but shhhh! Don’t say where the spooky character is hidden!)
3) Smallable will announce the winner and special Halloween prize.

And as SMALLable likes the Culottes Courtes, they have offered us a little hint:
The scarecrow is looking for a little stuffed friend to help him chase away the crows… go take a look in the toys and games section…

Too easy? Find all four! The witch, ghost, and pumpkin are lurking in the midst…

smallable halloween


PS: no monsters on that page, but it deserves to not being missed 😉

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