French Summer Sale !

children fashion sale

If you have missed the pre-sale or if you have wait for more interesting bargains, the French Summer Sale are for you!
(note that Summer Sale will be launched tuesday at midnight or wednesday at 8am depending on webshops)

Summer Sale on Melijoe :
Absorba, B-Karo, Catimini, Chipie, Confetti pour Absorba, Ikks, Jean Bourget, Junior Gaultier, Kenzo kids, Levi’s, Lili Gaufrette, Little Marc Jacobs, Marèse, Nookie’s, Pepe Jeans, Ralph Lauren, Repetto, Rykiel Enfant, 3 Pommes

Summer Sale on Petit Bateau :
Petit Bateau

Summer Sale on ChildrenSalon :
Almost all imaginable brands!

Summer Sale on SMALLable :
April Showers, Anne-Claire Petit, Baby Bloch, Bellerose, Bobo Choses, Douuod, Filament, Gold, Imps & Elfs, Ketiketa, Isabel Marant, Jess Brown, Kidscase, Kidsonroof, Lalé, Leander, Louis Louise, Luco, Makié, Momoll, Noro, Oona l’Ourse, Plan Toys, Radio Flyer, Simple Kids, Sirch, Smiling Planet, Stinker Butt, Talc, Zef

Summer Sale on Little Fashion Gallery :
AirdeJe, Album Di Famiglia, American Apparel, Antik Batik, Bianca & Family, Bonnie Baby, Caramel baby&child, Chilewich, Doré Doré, Finger in the Nose, Kids Gallery, Knitty Baby, MadaKet, Maloup, Martin, Mozzee, Nume, Rosie Flo, Sirch, Wooliweiss

Summer Sale on IKKS :

Summer Sale on Little You :
Adri, April showers / Polder, Barnabé aime le café, Biberons Cloud, Bubbles & Creams, Chloé Remiat, Chupeta, Clémence G, Fifi Mandirac, Gold, Guapito, Gwénaël Malcorpi, Ketiketa, La sardine, Le Toît de la Lune, Lilipinso, Little You, Magic Stroller bag, Marilyn Tov, Nini la Duchesse, Olivelse, Papili, Petit by Sofie Schnoor, Princesse Rock’n Roll, Rose Desbois, Troizenfants

Summer Sale on Malau Collection :
Anne Willi, Bakker Made With Love, EB, Judith Lacroix, Le Marchand d’Etoiles, Minisérie, Mellymello, RAGS, Tuss

Summer Sale on Prairymood :
Adri, Belle & Dean, Cocobohème, Esencia, Imps & Elfs, Katvig, Kidscase, La Queue du Chat, Lina Forlino, Monamici, Nine to Nine, Océchou, Oeuf, Urban Elk, Veja

Summer Sale on Dino e Lucia :
Dino e Lucia

Summer Sale on TroiZenfantS :

Summer Sale on Ooxoo :
Marèse, Repetto, Ooxoo, Teddy Smith

Summer Sale on Tartine et Chocolat :
Tartine et Chocolat

Summer Sale on Okaïdi & Obaïbi :
Okaïdi & Obaïbi

Summer Sale on Z Enfant :
Z Enfant

Summer Sale on Nordinary :
Bisgaard, Celavi, Danefae, Duns Sweden, Fabulous Goose, Ferm Living, Green Cotton, Hjorth, Holly’s, Kik Kid, Liandlo, Maileg, Mala, Moonkids, Mundo Melocoton, Petit Lilo, Sebra, Smafolk, Sture & Lisa, Swedish Hasbeens, Urban Elk

Summer Sale on Madame la Marchande :
young designers

Summer Sale on Agnes B :
Agnes B

Summer Sale on Mexx :

Summer Sale on Oxbow :

Summer Sale on Sarenza :
almost all shoes brands

Summer Sale on Anna Ka Bazaar

Summer Sale on BBK :

Summer Sale on KZA :

Summer Sale on Sur Un Petit Nuage :
Le Marchand d’étoiles, Mini Labo, La Queue du chat, DwellStudio, Airdeje…

Summer Sale also on:

• Fnac Eveil & Jeux
• Cyrillus
• Abikid
• Les Petites Choses
• La Petite Girafe
• Cmonpremier

if you prefer search by brand:

browse our kids fashion shopping guide and click on the right sidebar on the brand you’re looking for to see all their online resselers.

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