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Cape Dior Children

ChildrenSalon is fantastic because you can find in classical brands and garments as well as absolutely exceptional outfits. It’s so the perfect place to shop for festive evening garments, from simple and chic to out of the common.

Or both as this little cape Christian Dior sold for 900€…

Cape Dior Children

Looking for a little blouse I’ve chosen these two pieces for their col claudine and their style 50’s revisited, in a labour clothes style by Chloé and in a princess style by Dolce & Gabbana. They’re both ravishing and the choice will depend on the skirt to match with.

Blouse Chloé Children Blouse Dolce Gabbana Children
Chloé / Dolce & Gabbana

The choice of dresses is of course huge and varied. For example here is five proposals: simple and chic with Il Gufo (my favourite, 180€), playful and full of fur with Junior Gaultier (160€), luxuous and funny or princess dress with Mischka Aoki (360 et 680€) or sober and contemporary with Fendi (470€).
Outfits to find with many others on ChildrenSalon and particularly in the section Partywear of their “Christmas Shop”.

Dress Il Gufo Children
Dress Junior Gaultier Dress Mischka Aoki Children Dress Mischka Aoki Children Dress Fendi Children
Il Gufo – Junior Gaultier – Mischka Aoki – Mischka Aoki – Fendi
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Evenings outfits selection available on ChildrenSalon

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