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    The Douuod urban fashion

    We particularly like from Douuod their capacity to create a very contemporary looks which not copy the adult fashion but benefit from the same work to develop a personal and original style. Always on the border between charming fashion and streetwear, Douuod proposes this season one of their more su...

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    Two marvels from Douuod for Christmas

    On one side a little boule dress which reminds Paule Ka and which will be perfect for Christmas evening, and on the other a fanciful coat, to offer to the little girls who are in love with their plushies and with the animals. You can be sure that they will...

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    Douuod continues to mix streetwear and Couture

    And this season it’s the streetwear side of Douuod (pronounce Doudou) which catches our eyes, even if the more sophisticated garments are interesting. The casual part of the collection is stunning: beautiful fabrics, cuts sober but spiced by little details which make them charming, games of su...

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    Douuod, the chic side of the Italian fashion

    If the Italians often design a (sometimes too) eccentric and exuberant fashion, Douuod (say Doudou) is an exception with its stylized collections we can imagine from England if there wasn’t a Vespa or an Italian flag on some t-shirts. As usual the brand oscillates between very chic garments an...

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    Private Sale special winter on So Small

    A good idea this morning on So Small: a Private Sale special cold weather. You will find a selection of hats, coats, scarfs, gloves and tights from Petit Bateau, Ketiketa, Noro, Douuod, Kidscase and more. Brrrr! So Small...

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    Winter 2010: Douuod between the subway and the nightclubs

    Very contrasted winter 2010 at Douuod between a urban streetwear, close to the Agnès B style, and cocktail dresses as shiny as sophisticated! Pictures are to discover in preview on the Douuod corporate website, waiting for the complete collections launched in webstore mid-august. Douuod winter 2010...

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    The charming japanese style of Douuod

    Douuod (says doudou..) is an Italian brand but which reminds me the beautiful clothes of Yoshi Yamamoto, without talking of colors which are black or white, and sometimes grey or mushroom… You can have a (small) view of the collections on the Douuod website, but the clothes pictures are more...

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