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    Festive Outfits !

    ChildrenSalon is fantastic because you can find in classical brands and garments as well as absolutely exceptional outfits. It’s so the perfect place to shop for festive evening garments, from simple and chic to out of the common. Or both as this little cape Christian Dior sold for 900€̷...

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    My little Dress by Christian Dior (at half price)

    The new collection Dior Children summer 2014 arrives on ChildrenSalon and they offer in sale in the same time the marvels I featured in december (here: My little (Princess) Dress by Christian Dior). It’s time to think to next Christmas! Dress Dior Children – Click to enlarge Children eve...

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    My little (Princess) Dress by Christian Dior

    Christian Dior – Click to enlarge Exceptional dresses for a magic Christmas Eve dinner, the Christian Dior creations are marvels which will make your daughters real little princess for a starry night. Treasures available online on ChildrenSalon. Christian Dior – Click to enlarge Christia...

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    [Again] My little dress from Christian Dior

    © Christian Dior – Click to enlarge I have already been impressed by its winter dresses, I’m now dazzled by the summer collection: the little dresses signed Christian Dior, which can be cocktail or fanciful, are definitely ravishing. Prices are less attractive, from 100€ to 400€ dep...

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    My little dress from Christian Dior

    Dior – Click to enlarge Sales are still running but winter collections start to be unveiled on ChildrenSalon and among them two little dresses designed by Christian Dior are so tempting then It’ll be very difficult to choose (I’d like to buy both but in that case I’ll have to...

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    Baby Dior in sale at BebeVIP

    Interesting sales at Bebe VIP which provide a collection from Baby Dior with 40% to 60% Off. And if you don’t find your pleasure (or your size) in Baby Dior, visit the page of Le Marchand d’Etoiles: reductions are the same and clothes are absolutely gorgeous! Baby Dior clothes in...

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