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    Christmas Shopping on Dino e Lucia

    Even if there is many pre-sale, the Dino e Lucia Christmas Shopping is absolutely not to miss: first because the special offer is not only on a selection of products but on all the autumn/winter 2013 collection, and also (and above all) because all these clothes are offered with 70%...

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    It’s already Christmas on Dino e Lucia

    Dino e Lucia already think to festive season and has just added to its collection some stunning little dresses full of stars and love words. And because Christmas is the gifts time, Dino e Lucia offers you 30% OFF on all the website (excluding smooth prices) until october the 29th...

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    Beautiful Back to School on Dino e Lucia

    Dino e Lucia – Click to enlarge Dino e Lucia is back with two essential collections! The Evening Dressing Room collection, of course, always brilliant, but also this season the Back to School range with less sophisticated but still beautiful clothes, easier to wear everyday even if they’...

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    Summer Sale + discount code on Dino e Lucia

    Even if they’re officialy closed in France, Summer Sale continues on Dino e Lucia which offers additional 10% Off on all orders (code SS13). Just note that order deliveries will be done by August, the 19th. Dino e Lucia...

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    Dino e Lucia Private Sale !

    Dino e Lucia launches today its Private Sale and there is no reason to wait for the official summer sale in a month: they offer 50% OFF on all products on the online store! Enjoy your luxury shopping at very affordable prices thanks to the code VEP valid until June,...

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    If Gatsby had a girl…

    …she would of course been a Dino e Lucia addict! So in tribute to the film, the cinema and the Cannes Film Festival, Dino e Lucia offers 25% Off on their “Années Folles” dresses (The Dress with pearl 30’s Corail or White and the Dress full sequins front 30’s style...

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    A trip through the fashion with Dino e Lucia

    Dino e Lucia – Click to enlarge The new Spring/Summer 2013 Dino e Lucia is just arrived on their online store. As usual the lightness is mixed with the sophistication, in a perfect combination of the delicacy and the fanciful of this symbol of the chic Parisien. The designers seem...

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    50% OFF on Dino e Lucia !

    Private Sale starts today on Dino e Lucia which offers 50% OFF on all collections, including adult clothes and accessories, during one week! Dino e Lucia...

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    Dino e Lucia Winter 2012

    Dino e Lucia – Click to enlarge As the wolf in front of the full moon, I’m this season again dazzled and irresistibly attracted by the new Dino e Lucia creations. They have designed clothes as beautiful and sophisticated than adult collections but always finding the details which keep th...

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    Summer Sales on Dino e Lucia

    Not to miss Summer Sales have just been launched on Dino e Lucia: 30% to 40% Off are offered on all the online store, days collections as ceremony collections, as well as on the women collections 😉 The Summer Sales on Dino e Lucia...

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    Procession day

    Dino e Lucia Cortège Collection – Click to enlarge It’s so an excellent occasion to present you the new Cortège collection from Dino e Lucia: a selection of ceremony dresses created to be the prettiest of the party, and you can be sure it will, but which can easily being...

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    A Parisian walk with Dino e Lucia

    Dino e Lucia – Click to enlarge If there is a symbol brand of the Parisian chic, it’s of course Dino e Lucia; so what’s better than a walk between the Eiffel Tower and the Palais Royal Gardens to present their summer collection? Light walk and charming clothes on the...

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    We continue with Dino e Lucia

    Dino e Lucia launches today it Private Sales and offers 40% OFF on all children collections! A special offer valid on their online store until the 1st december with the code PRIVATESALE. 40% OFF with the code PRIVATESALE on Dino e Lucia...

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    Celebrate winter with Dino e Lucia

    Dino e Lucia – Click to enlarge Dino e Lucia has just launched its winter 2011/12 children collection (for the women collection you will have to wait a few days) and it’s a new time a delicious mix between absolute chic and cheery fantasies which make these clothes some little...

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    Sale again: 70% off on Dino e Lucia

    It’s still the sale on Dino e Lucia with a very large choice of products and size proposed with 60% or 70% Off! And the cherry on the cake: it’s also on the women section 🙂 The webshop Dino e Lucia...

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    And now Dino e Lucia: 40% Off on summer 2011 collections

    Dino e Lucia has just launched its Private Sale: 40% Off on all their online store (included the adult collection 😉 and the ceremony ranges). Valid until the 29th may with the code VENTESPRIVEES. Dino e Lucia Private Sale: 40% Off on all collections with the code VENTESPRIVEES until the...

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    Cortege collection from Dino e Lucia

    Click to enlarge Dino e Lucia has just launched its Cortege collection, dedicated of course to all those who will be at ceremonies this spring or next summer, but not only: as usual with Dino e Lucia, these gracious little dresses will be absolutely chic with a few accessories but...

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    Dino e Lucia takes you on a trip!

    Click to enlarge The summer 2011 Dino e Lucia collection has just been launched on their eshop and it’s a real invitation to travel! Daywear and eveningwear is romantic and filmy, chic and delicate, to wear casually on the beach or discreetly accessorized on cocktail time. A rich and varied...

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    Dino e Lucia special offer extended

    The Dino e Lucia special promotion which offered you 25% off on their Damier range is now extended to all products of the Lucia’s Dressing! The code is the same (culottescourtes), the reduction is the same (25%) but the choice of products is very larger! The occasion deserves a new...

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