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    As a bird

    The discovery of the day is fresh, light and joyful : I’ve been immediately seduced by the Virvoltan mobiles. These ingenious mobiles are extremely easy to assemble, can be fixed everywhere without piercing any hole, and can be composed as you like mixing the shapes and colors of the “bu...

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    In my Sack

    Little visit today (even if the word “little” is not really appropriate to describe the vastness of the choice) on the Christmas pages of SMALLable which present a thematic version of the almost unlimited offer of the Parisian concept-store. Of course there is the essential Djeco, Janod,...

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    It’s Christmas on Chocolat Show !

    Christmas is arrived on Chocolat Show ! The Parisian shop Chocolat Show has the particularity to be dedicated to children party and so to offer very different products from luxurious disguises to party tableware. In this Christmas period, it’s so a perfect address to visit where you will find ...

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    For Christmas, offer Free Toys

    It’s real little treasures among the unlimited offer of Christmas gifts : these games are simple but creative, designed with a huge talent, they leave space for imagination and, as well, they no need batteries and they don’t make strident noise… The creations by Les Jouets Libres a...

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    And all in poetry

    We stay in a smooth atmosphere today again with the delicate poetry of My Lovely Thing, designer of beautiful paintings printed on posters, postcards (which will be marvellous wish cards), stickers and accessories. Their dreamlike universe is soothing, the drawings and collages inspire a big calm an...

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    In the water !

    Of course, if we talk about hats we must talk about swimwear ! And it’s a perfect occasion to re-discover Sunuva which is without any doubt the brand of uv-protective (UPF 50+) swimsuits and clothes which makes the bigger work on designs to create outfits as pretty as protective. Their...

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    So Fashion : Carousel & Bazaar

    Carousel & Bazaar is a new Australian brand which proposes a pop and refreshing fashion, so Couture and full of humour, sparkling as Champagne bubbles. We wont miss to note the influences of Christian Lacroix and Sonia Rykiel in the geometric shapes and patterns, enhanced by a touch of humour...

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    [Young Designer] Petite Lucette

    Back from holidays with a Spring discovery : Petite Lucette and its vintage collections for girls & boys from newborns to 8 years old. Charming outfits which inspire nostalgic times, between Liberty’s and delicate dots, to wear everyday as well as for special occasions with nice accessori...

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    [Exceptional Gift] Lanvin Petite

    Even if only the shoes could be (almost) in my budget, I must admit that I’m absolutely seduced by the Lanvin petite collection. Fabrics, patterns, silhouettes: all is Couture and delicate, with a little touch of humour which gives a taste of lightness to these absolutely fashion clothes. Thes...

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    Festive Outfits !

    ChildrenSalon is fantastic because you can find in classical brands and garments as well as absolutely exceptional outfits. It’s so the perfect place to shop for festive evening garments, from simple and chic to out of the common. Or both as this little cape Christian Dior sold for 900€̷...

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    Very favorite: Tuchinda

    Beautiful discovery this morning with the Tuchinda creations, young brand based in New York and inspired by Asia. Their clothes, produced with stunning fabrics bought in Europe and in Japan, are in the same time absolutely sophisticated and beautifully sober. The delicacy is the master word of the c...

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    Frangin Frangine: chic and (not so) classical

    At first view rather classical, between Liberty’s, wools and Claudine collars, the Frangin Frangine creations are different thanks to a retro touch full of humour and fanciful, and by its Couture details really charming. These clothes seem to not take itself seriously but are designed with an ...

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    (Re) Discover Blu Pony Vintage

    May be do you already know them? It’s for me a discovery even if the brand exists since 2010 and after I’ve had a look on all their collections I’m absolutely amazed. It’s as if Troizenfants had a little american sister, as them inspired by the 1920’s – 1940’...

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    Enjoy the sun with Sunuva

    Soon will come the holidays, the turquoise sea, the sandals, the sun which warms, which warms, which warms… and the swimsuits and beach clothes from Sunuva which beautifully protect the kids! I wish to specify beautifuly because they design clothes & swimwear absolutely charming you canno...

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    Bellerose, between contemporary streetwear and old school charm

    A little like Douuod or Il Gufo, even if in a completely different style, Bellerose offers in the same collection some urban streetwear garments and some dresses and tunics which seem come from an old imagery book. These clothes are to mix to create chic and trendy looks, between retro...

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    Essential Grevi

    Grevi – Click to enlarge After 9 months with a duffle coat and an umbrella, it’s now time to wear a sun hat! Of course not a basic one, but one of the marvellous design from the Maison Grevi, available online on ChildrenSalon, which are little treasures of beauty and...

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    From dream to reality: Mischka Aoki

    © Mischka Aoki – Click to enlarge As often, it’s while browsing ChildrenSalon then I’ve discovered Mischka Aoki, an Australian brand which has been created in 2009 and, it’s the less we can say, which not goes unnoticed! These Haute Couture dresses seems to come directly fro...

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    If Gatsby had a girl…

    …she would of course been a Dino e Lucia addict! So in tribute to the film, the cinema and the Cannes Film Festival, Dino e Lucia offers 25% Off on their “Années Folles” dresses (The Dress with pearl 30’s Corail or White and the Dress full sequins front 30’s style...

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    [Young Designer] Mimi Cocotte

    Real flash today for Mimi Cocotte, young designers who have just launched a first collection of clothes for girls from 3 to 7 years old: it’s beautiful, it’s fresh, it’s full of charm, it will makes the mums jealous! These pretty things are produced in very small series so don̵...

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    Elle collections: so pretty, so rare

    The Elle kids clothes have many attractive features: they are well cutted, made with quality, offered at very affordable prices and, above all, very sweet in a light and delicate style. So why are they so hard to find? Fortunately Uncle Jeans provides this season a small collection and let...

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