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Caramel Baby & Child

  • More British than ever

    Even if the looks are absolutely contemporary, the fabrics and patterns of the new collection reminds the British chic tradition marvelously renewed by Paul Smith or Stella McCartney and, for the funky touch, by Vivienne Westwood....

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    Chic, it’s Springtime !

    Chic, so chic, this new collection, but also flowered, radiant, joyful and as usual incredibly delicate. The brand mixes sober and charming outfits, as their absolutely ravishing linen shirts, and more eccentric prints which let freedom to colors, joyful patterns and Spring flowers. The collection ...

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    Caramel Baby & Child AW 2015

    It’s one of our favorite brands for many years and today again it’s a real pleasure to post the new pics from Caramel Baby & Child : the British brand proposes delicate outfits, in the same time sober and stylized, as chic as discreet. Add the sumptuous fabrics, soft and...

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    Caramel Baby & Child Summer 2015

    I repeat it each season and the new one won’t be an exception : Caramel, it’s just beautiful ! From the choice of fabrics and prints to the work on the shapes and the attention to the details, all is charm and delicacy dedicated to an elegant style that will...

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    The Party collection by Caramel Baby & Child

    Caramel Baby & Child has launched a Party collection and if your daughters are not yet dressed for Christmas I recommend you to discover it quickly! Lurex, crystals, sequins and shimmering velvets are employed with the usual charm of the Caramel collections, without ostentation, without excess,...

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    The Petites Filles Modeles by Caramel

    Little girls (only one, actually) to whom you want to offer sweets and good points only for her radiant complexion, her wise appearance (even if a little bit slinger) and, above all, her look of imagery book schoolgirl. The looks have a charm evident but discreet, far of shiny and...

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    Summer sale on Caramel Baby & Child

    After ChildrenSalon it’s now Caramel Baby & Child which launches its summer sale offering 40% off on a selection of clothes from their summer 2014 collection! A perfect occasion to buy these charming clothes at very affordable prices. 2014 Summer sale on Caramel Baby & Child (other p...

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    Still under the charm of Caramel

    It’s hard to know exactly what is so tempting on Caramel Baby & Child; probably almost all: the choice of patterns, the cuts falsely simple and their retro charm, the way to be casual and chic in the same time, the style little hipster which emerges from these looks. What’s...

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    Caramel Baby & Child: mag-ni-fi-cent !

    Caramel Baby & Child – Click to enlarge It’s signed Caramel Baby & Child and not Dior but really, j’adore! Looks as discreet as irresistibly tempting, clothes as comfortable as beautiful, super chic accessories, I’d like to buy everything (but I’ll have to mak...

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    So sweet Caramel

    © Caramel Baby & Child – Click to enlarge I do not talk about Caramel Baby & Child often enough and yet I am totally fond of their style: in the same time retro and contemporary, sober and stylished, chic and charming. A beautiful collection to enjoy as a delight!...

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    A little sweet…

    A Caramel, for example 😉 The new collection from Caramel Baby & Child is indeed delicate and luscious as a sweet… Chic and sober, discreetely ornamented by little details, brightened up by fantastics pattern, each clothes is a little treasure of comfort and softness. To consume without...

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