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    Bugaboo meets (Red)

    Not only happy to design the best stroller of the market, Bugaboo has joined (Red), the global fund to fight Aids in Africa ( And not satisfied to do for that a specifical product, as Apple and many over brands, and even if the (Bugaboo)Red will be launched with it...

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    The Bugaboo car seat

    Here is the missing piece for those who want’s their roadtrips 100% Bugaboo: the car seat. In anyway indispensable, but a little more when you know that the Bugaboo carrycot is not adapted to car travels, the first Bugaboo car seat has just been released to complete the range. Maximum...

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    Edit: The Bugaboo Bee video

    I’m usually not fan of youtube video’s but as I talked you few days ago about the Bugaboo Bee I cannot resist to present you this discovery! Closer to Pedro Almodovar than to a TV spot, they have found a gracious and playful way to present the different fonctionalities of...

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    The Bugaboo Bee

    Here is the new Bugaboo Bee! Dedicated to urban people (who don’t need the large wheels), the Bee is attractive for it compacity, simplicity and agility. Even if we lost the reversible handlebar, that stroller should be as useful in the subway as to make a “sales shopping trip” on...

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    The Bugaboo test

    The Bugaboo is without contest one of the best strollers at the moment. I found it only two drawbacks: it expensive price (about 700 $) and the carriage which cannot be used for car transport. Otherwise you have on your hands a really ingenuous and efficient little jewel. Light and...

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