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    Billieblush : back to school in a "little clown" mood !

    Billieblush has never been discreet but this new collection Fall / Winter 2015 seems particularly designed with the “good mood” as a leitmotif : games of colours but also games of fabrics which dare all the fancies to enjoy the Autumn to come. Of course the complete looks are sometimes...

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    Here is Billybandit !

    Two years after Billieblush, here is its little brother which arrives in the small world of children fashion dedicated to the boys : Billybandit and its clothes for playful boys ! The collection is of course a little bit wiser than for the girls but all the Billieblush DNA is...

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    A ray of sunshine: Billieblush SS15

    Need a smile this morning after the French events so I’ve chosen to talk about Billieblush which is undoubtedly one of the most cheerful brand of children fashion. Their new collection Spring Summer 2015 is just arrived in store beside the winter sale. Tones are softest than usual, as if...

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    AW 14: Billieblush hoists the colors

    As usual, Billieblush dares the colors, the patterns, the prints, the fabrics and the cuts! Some will like , some will say that it stings the eyes, but nobody will be indifferent looking at the full of fancy autumn/winter 2014 collection. Mix of retro patterns and eccentric furs, of red...

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    The acidulous summer of Billieblush

    With this new collection, Billeblush has kept its retro references in a 50’S trend but spiced by acidulous colors picked up in the 70’S for a spring absolutely pop! A fashion playful and surprising to wear with lightness and coolness! Click to enlarge Visit the Billieblush Facebook page ...

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    Billieblush: the winter collection is here

    Billieblush – Click to enlarge The new Billieblush collection, the new brand very fashion and very affordable, is arriving in store (particularly on ChildrenSalon and l’Atelier de Courcelles). Retro and sophisticated looks in a funny spirit which will be perfect to enjoy the back-to-scho...

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    Billieblush: new brand already cult

    Billieblush – Click to enlarge It’s one of the sensations of this spring: Billieblush presents its first collection and is already a star! Billieblush is dedicated to girls up to 12 years old and mixes the essential tendencies of the season, sometimes flirting with the vintage to best co...

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