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Bengh Per Principesse

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    Desire of sun

    It rains, it rains, and if you feel as me a big desire of sunshine I invite you to visit Bengh Per Principesse and to re-discover their joyful and exuberant fashion. These colorful and light clothes inspire the good mood, create the impression to be in holidays and invite to...

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    A lot of fun with Bengh Per Principesse

    As usual colorful, the new collection Bengh Per Principesse is presented this season via a photoshoot a funny as beautiful. Just for this it deserves a little visite on their website but don’t be afraid by the folklore: watched separately, the bengh Per Principesse clothes are really charming ...

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    Spring sunshine: Bengh Per Principesse summer 2014

    If the first rays of sunshine give you the desire of colors, exuberance and surprises, the new collection Bengh Per Principesse is for you! Somewhere between vintage eccentricity and contemporary fashion, a spirit of lightness blows on these creations which definitly inspire a good mood. Absolutely ...

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    Color the winter with Bengh Per Principesse

    Bengh Per Principesse – Click to enlarge Mix of sequins and sportswear, warm tones and flashy colors, knitwear and little dresses, the new Bengh Per Principesse collection plays with oppositions and creates casual and colorful looks to enjoy the winter. Clothes that warm the eyes which look at...

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    Fashion Princess

    Bengh Per Principesse – Click to enlarge There is among the Bengh Per Principesse collections a Total Look side, but which don’t take itself seriously. A fashion where sophistication is discreet to let the first place to the fun and light touch of their creations. Clothes as refreshing a...

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    Back to the Future !

    Bengh Per Principesse – Click to enlarge Retro patterns but definitely modern cuts, with double-sleeve, hooded sweat or leather dress, Bengh Per Principesse dares to mix the inspirations and has designed a playful and spicy collection which won’t go unnoticed! A delight to buy online on ...

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    Did you say Vintage?

    Mixing modern and very sophisticated cuts (have a look on the back of this little dresses) with absolutely retro prints and fabrics, the winter 08/09 collections from Bengh are really refreshing; it give us the feeling to be always in summer… And as nostalgia is coming back each year at...

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