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    Bartsch: and now the pretty drawing books

    After the (beautiful) handmade paintings and their nice reproduction on wallpapers for charming children bedrooms, here is the Bartsch patterns printed on pretty little drawing books! Romantic gifts available on for only 10€ and without shipping charges! Bartsch – Click on ...

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    Bartsch now creates wallpapers !

    Bartsch – Click to enlarge I told you last october my admiration for Bartsch, studio of decorative painting which creates home-made paintings for children bedrooms. Bartsch, it’s a poetic universe and sumptuous realisations, but it was also an exceptionnal service inaccessible to most of...

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    The wonderful Bartsch paintings

    Bartsch – Click on the detail to see the decor Far of stickers and wallpapers, somewhere in the poetry of the clouds and the stars of children dreams, Bartsch creates uniques and hand-made paintings to decorate the bedrooms… It’s delicate, it’s lovely, it’s unique, and ...

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