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    Bakker Made With Love launches its eshop !

    If the accessories, and particularly the schoolbags, designed by Bakker Made With Love have always been available online, their clothes collections (babies, boys, girls and women) was until now quite hard to find so it’s a real pleasure today to announce the launching of their eshop! Their clo...

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    Mum, my Schoolbag !

    july, the 10th: Mum, I need a school bag for the back to school! Yes my dear, we will manage to buy it during the holidays. august, the 5th: Mum, when will we buy my schoolbag? Soon, soon, but today is too sunny, we will enjoy the beach! august, the...

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    Bakker Made With Love on So Small

    We’re totally fond of the Bakker Made With Love clothes, so when they are offered in Private Sale with prices from 9 to 20 euros, we do not hesitate a minute! Private Sale Bakker Made With Love on So Small...

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    The hesitation of the back to school…

    And you, do you prefer the contemporary roundness of Miniséri or are you tempted by the nostalgic and retro touch of Bakker? In any case, these two brands are the best alternative to the traditional Spiderman or Strawberry Shortcake… They propose sober schoolbags with nice colors and patterns...

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    Back to school

    It’s time to back to school, and for those who didn’t already bought it, the Bakker Made With Love school accessories wait for you online! Les Culottes Courtes wishes a very happy back to school to everybody! Bakker Made With Love Bakker Made With Love available online on Malau Collectio...

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    Bakker, it’s also for the holidays !

    Click to enlarge Before the start of the new school year, don’t forget that Bakker Made With Love thinks also to your holidays and proposes funny suitcases and lunch boxes and also pretty swimsuits as pictured below available (in sale) on Madame la Marchande. Click to enlarge Accessories Bakke...

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    For a "back to school" made with Love

    To enjoy back to school without lost the fashion touch, don’t miss the marvellous Bakker Made With Love accessories! Pencil cases and handbags are available at Malau Collection (novelties) and schoolbags are available at Little Zebra. Accessories Bakker Made With Love available at Malau Collec...

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