Back to You !

Back to School on Smallable

Hey, it’s Back to School ! Les Culottes Courtes are just back from long holidays and before a detailed presentation of the winter collections from our favorite designers, here is a small selection made among the tons of novelties arrived on the last few days on SMALLable.

A small dress Little Karl Marc John (69 €), chic and light, easy to wear in any occasion :

Dress LITTLE KARL MARC JOHN A wool pull Bonton (65 €), seductive thanks to it two-tones shape inspired by the 60’s little evening dresses : Pull BONTON The essential hooded sweatshirt, here in quilted cotton jersey designed by Paul Smith Junior (89 €) : sweat PAUL SMITH JUNIOR And a marvellous T-Shirt Douuod (47 €) which perfectly illustrates the Back to school day ! T-shirt DOUUOD And, lucky mum’s, don’t miss the collections Sessun and Des Petits Hauts, both charming and affordable ! Blouse SESSUN Sweat DES PETITS HAUTS

Back to School selection made on SMALLable

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