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Au Nain Bleu

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    The exceptional toys from Au Nain Bleu

    Click to enlarge If you are looking for (and have the money to do) an exceptional gift, don’t miss the Nain Bleu: in addition to their marvellous Petit Collin dolls, they offer many toys which will make believe in Santa Claus even the more sceptic! Click to enlarge Exceptional toys...

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    The Haute-Couture dolls from Au Nain Bleu

    Click to enlarge Dear little treasures (but some, including the “Little Red Riding Hood” are in sale!) are these Haute-Couture dolls made (in France) by PetitCollin and dressed (in France) by Au Nain Bleu… But what wonders! And what wonderment for the lucky little girls who will re...

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