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    Spoiled mums !

    Here is an evolution which will enjoy everybody : after the teenagers fashion, SMALLable offers now women ready to wear ! And the choice of the first brands provided announces a charming and affordable catalog. Sessun, Des petits Hauts, Leon & Harper and Soeur launch the corner which will becom...

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    Agnes B in the softness of summer

    No revolution this season on Agnes B, anyway this not what we wait from the brand, but many beautiful little things, and this is exactly what we love ! My favourite is the Toupie Short (pictured below the heart t-shirt) which can be mixed with almost all and will be...

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    Agnes B Chic & Charm

    The Agnès B clothes are very pleasant particularly because they are as chic as fanciful: you can wear it smart or casual and each time they are marvellous. They add the lightness touch which will makes charming a ceremony outfit as the fashion touch which will make gracious a casual...

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    Agnès B, still charming!

    Agnès B – Click to enlarge And it comes particularly from her cols claudine, in the same time central theme of the collection and retro detail which makes the charm of these clothes and distinguishes its from basics. These small round collars, also marvelously present on Noro, create a defini...

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    Agnès B, again !

    Agnès B – Click to enlarge The Agnès B collection has grown since my last post and all is really charming. I’m definitely fond of these clothes in the same time chics and lights, funny and gracious, simple and surprising. With its affordable prices and of course the chance to...

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    I want (again) sunshine !

    It’s still rain, when it don’t snow, and I have more and more desire of sunshine! So before to see the sun shine on the snow, I look for little things for the sunny days of my daughters and I’ve discovered the first pieces of the summer Agnès B collection....

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    Agnès B loves the summer and we love Agnès B

    The Agnès B summer collection is arriving day after day and it’s, as usual, ravishing. It’s light, delicate, and always with a little bit of humour which makes these clothes as sober as charming. I’m in ♥ Agnès B – Click to enlarge Agnes B summer 2012 collection avail...

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    The Agnes B discreet charm

    Sure it’s not a flashy and exuberant fashion, but it’s the simplicity itself which makes the charm of the Agnes B kids collection. It emerges of that clothes lightness and insouciance which make them more than basics: they quickly become the favorites of the wardrobe! All the collection ...

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