A gift for you from Little Michele et Noelle

Little Michèle & Noëlle

As a ray of sunshine for the week-end, here is a special gift for you, dear readers, from the concept-store Little Michèle & Noëlle: 20% Off on all fashion (babies, girls and boys, shoes and accessories!
Thanks to the code LMNCC (valid until June, the 10th), you can make your choice among the collections designed by Talc, Caramel Baby & Child, Stella Mc Cartney, Soft Gallery, Bensimon and many others and enjoy 20% Off on all your order.
As I said, a real ray of sunshine 🙂

Caramel Baby & Child
Soft Gallery
Caramel Baby & Child
Caramel Baby & Child / Soft Gallery / Caramel / Bensimon
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20% OFF on fashion, shoes and accessories
on Little Michèle & Noëlle
thanks to the code LMNCC valid until June, the 10th

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