A few marvels Stella McCartney

I must confess that there is many, many things I don’t like among the new Stelle McCartney collection. I don’t like her dinosaur patterns, no more her tigers heads, and what to say about her superheros, her fluorescent trainers or her flashy flowers?
So I wasn’t attracted but I have anyway browsed the 3 pages of the collection on SMALLable and I’m happy to did it because I’ve found some treasures which deserve to be featured.

Starting with her sandals Linda, which are not a novelty but a permanent of her collections, re-edited each years in new colors. A success:

Stella McCartney summer 2014
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I really like also her raincoat Polly, deliciously vintage with its flower patterns:

Stella McCartney summer 2014
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And I like also this little cardigan, very simple but with a contrast between a soft tone and an acid color which gives desire of fanciful!

Stella McCartney summer 2014
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Collection Stella McCartney Kids spring summer 2014 available on SMALLable

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