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Monday 21 July 2014

[Preview] Collection Talc Fall/Winter 2014

Logo Talc

Talc has unveiled its Fall/Winter 2014/15 collection and it's, as usual, a delight to discover. This discreet brand is indeed one the more creative I know, mixing multiple influences to create absolutely contemporary looks.
This season is full of references to the 30's and the 50's as well as to the londonian punk fashion of the 80's, but all is so subtly revisited and recomposed then the evidence is the novelty and the originality of these creations.
It's different, it's beautiful, it's the future!

Talc Fall Winter 2014
Talc Fall Winter 2014 Talc Fall Winter 2014 Talc Fall Winter 2014 Talc Fall Winter 2014 Talc Fall Winter 2014 Talc Fall Winter 2014 Talc Fall Winter 2014
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Collection Talc Fall / Winter 2014
The clothes will be available next September on SMALLable
(which offers now summer sale on the talc summer 2014 collection)

Tuesday 15 July 2014

[So Chic] The swimsuits from the Petit Bateau Graphic collection

Swimsuits Petit Bateau

Here is the swimsuits edition of the so beautiful Petit Bateau Graphic collection.
The dotted patterns and the little bows give them a definitely charming 50's touch and, even if we regret that there is no a two-tone piece as the blouse, we're fond of this collection and now of these swimsuits.
notes Coquillages et crustacés notes

Swimsuits Petit Bateau Swimsuits Petit Bateau Swimsuits Petit Bateau
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Swimsuits Petit Bateau available on

Wednesday 9 July 2014

Summer Sale: focus on Talc and Troizenfants

Among the second and third markdowns of the summer sale, focus today on two of our favorite designers: Talc, which is available in sale with 30% or 40% off on SMALLable and on Little Michèle et Noëlle:

Talc vêtements
Talc fashion in sale on SMALLable and on Little Michèle et Noëlle

And Troizenfants which offers in its eshop 60% OFF on all collections of clothes and accessories boys, girls and babies.
Not to miss!

Troizenfants vêtements
Troizenfants fashion in sale on their own eshop

Friday 4 July 2014

Happy Holidays !

Youpi, l'école est finie!!!
Les Culottes Courtes wishes you marvellous holidays!

Monday 30 June 2014

(Re) Discover Blu Pony Vintage

Blu Pony Vintage summer 2014

May be do you already know them? It's for me a discovery even if the brand exists since 2010 and after I've had a look on all their collections I'm absolutely amazed. It's as if Troizenfants had a little american sister, as them inspired by the 1920's - 1940's fashion, as them in love with beautiful fabrics and charming garments.
Their motto ("We don’t just make clothes. We make memories.") perfectly illustrates this love of beautiful things, this attention to quality and this taste for the charming details which is their trademark.
I invite you to delightfully browse their collections on their website, which is fortunately also an eshop:

Blu Pony Vintage summer 2014
Blu Pony Vintage summer 2014 Blu Pony Vintage summer 2014 Blu Pony Vintage summer 2014 Blu Pony Vintage summer 2014
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Collection Blu Pony Vintage summer 2014 available on their eshop

Tuesday 24 June 2014

The (French) Summer Sale 2014 !

Three, two, one, Go !

Children 2014 Summer Sale

Good news: the official 2014 Summer Sale are launched in France!
As usual, I invite you to browse the essential list of the best webshop to enjoy the Sale and spoil your kids!
Happy shopping!

Lire la suite

Friday 20 June 2014

Summer sale on Caramel Baby & Child

Soldes Caramel Baby & Child 2014

After ChildrenSalon it's now Caramel Baby & Child which launches its summer sale offering 40% off on a selection of clothes from their summer 2014 collection!
A perfect occasion to buy these charming clothes at very affordable prices.

Caramel Baby & Child Eshop

2014 Summer sale on Caramel Baby & Child
(other pieces from Caramel will be in sale next wednesday on SMALLable)

Wednesday 18 June 2014

Pre-sale: 30% OFF on Louis Louise

Very interesting pre-sale are launched on Louis Louise: even if the 30% reductions will be increased after the 25th June, the choice will be more limited. If you are, as us, under the charm of their delicate fashion, for boys as well as for girls, we advise to not wait too much!

Louis Louise

View the pre-sale on Louis Louise

Monday 16 June 2014

Summer Sale on ChildrenSalon

Waiting for the French Summer sale to come on the 25th June, do not miss the sale already running on the biggest children fashion shop, the well called ChildrenSalon!
Reductions are "just" 30% off but the choice is amazing: 6586 products in sale at the moment..!


The Summer Sale 2014 on ChildrenSalon

Friday 13 June 2014

Visit Nantes with Les Culottes Courtes !

Guide of Nantes

If you come in Brittany this summer don't miss to visit Nantes, a very (very) pleasant city full of surprises.
And so, if you come to Nantes, don't miss to read before the City Guide written by Les Culottes Courtes for Doolittle!
Your kids will thank you ;-)

Guide of Nantes

Discover the City Guide of Nantes
realised for Doolittle by Les Culottes Courtes