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The Winter Sale already launched on Children Salon !

2014 Winter Sale chez Childrensalon

In France we say "there is no more season", and this expression is perfectly illustrated by ChildrenSalon which has chosen to don't wait until Christmas and has already launched its Winter Sale !
An event not to miss, particularly because it's still time to find marvellous festive outfits, with an enormous choice: more than 7.000 products are offered with reduced prices ! The size filter will become your best friend ;-)
It's impossible here to reflect the variety and the breadth of the choice but here is some samples of what you will find from Little Marc Jacobs, Rykiel Enfant or Fendi.

Winter Sale x Little Marc Jacobs :
2014 Winter Sale Little Marc Jacobs

Winter Sale x Rykiel Children :
2014 Winter Sale Rykiel Children

Winter Sale x Fendi :
2014 Winter Sale Fendi
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The 2014 Winter Sale already launched on ChildrenSalon

The minimalists but beautiful disguises by Numero 74

Numero 74

Far of the frou-frous, tulle and glitter, the Numero 74 disguises are often limited to a cape and a mask or a cape and a crown, plus a pretty fairy wand. But these accessories are beautifully designed and so absolutely sufficient to create a character. More than that: their evocative power invites to "be" a super hero and not to "look like" a super hero or a fairy.
A success !

Numero 74
The Super Heros and Merlin

Numero 74
The forest Cape

Numero 74
The Cape Leila, its fairy crown and its fairy wand
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Disguises Numero 74 available on SMALLable

Nailmatic Kids, the nail varnish you need

nail varnish Nailmatic kids

The first interest of the Nailmatic Kids nail varnish is of course that it is without any toxic products or aggressive chemicals and washable with soapy water (no more danger for the clothes). But it is also beautiful, colourful and glittery, and nicely presented in a colouring box.
The Nailmatic Kids nail varnish is available on their own (8 €) or in packs of 3 colors (19 €) or 7 colors (39 €) on SMALLable.

nail varnish Nailmatic kids
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Nail varnish Nailmatic kids available on SMALLable

Fur again with Arsène et les Pipelettes

After the coat, beautiful but too expensive, Lanvin Petite and the funny one by Douuod presented last week, we continue to explore the fur but far of the high luxury world, now with a designer brand which offers very affordable prices.
So here is the Filly Cape, masterpiece in my opinion of the winter Arsène et les Pipelettes collection, which mixes the style 50's schoolgirl of the cape with the fancy of a sparkling (false) fur to create an outfit full of humour and tenderness.
Welcome to the Little Red Riding Hood!

Filly Cape Arsène et les Pipelettes
Filly Cape Arsène et les Pipelettes Filly Cape Arsène et les Pipelettes
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Filly Cape Arsène et les Pipelettes, 65 € on their eshop

Hop Hop Hop, a beautiful jewelry !

Jewlery Hop Hop Hop

It will be the little gift which will make a big effect. It's hard to say exactly why but one thing is sure: the Hop Hop Hop jewels are irresistible.
Far of the industrial products, the Hop Hop Hop creations are little treasures of charm and delicacy, handmade with love, and the lucky little girls who will receive one next Christmas won't want to take it off anymore !

Jewlery Hop Hop Hop Jewlery Hop Hop Hop Jewlery Hop Hop Hop
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Necklaces, bracelets and earrings Hop Hop Hop
Online on the hophophopshop and on SMALLable

[Exceptional Gift] Lanvin Petite

Lanvin Petite

Even if only the shoes could be (almost) in my budget, I must admit that I'm absolutely seduced by the Lanvin petite collection.
Fabrics, patterns, silhouettes: all is Couture and delicate, with a little touch of humour which gives a taste of lightness to these absolutely fashion clothes.
These outfits are as rare as beautiful : only one shop (Luisaviaroma) proposes the lanvin Petite collections and their stock is very very small.

Lanvin Petite
Lanvin Petite
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Collection Lanvin Petite available on Luisaviaroma

Two marvels from Douuod for Christmas

Logo Douuod

On one side a little boule dress which reminds Paule Ka and which will be perfect for Christmas evening, and on the other a fanciful coat, to offer to the little girls who are in love with their plushies and with the animals. You can be sure that they will spend with it a Christmas as sweet as warm.
These gorgeous Couture clothes are designed by Douuod and availables on SMALLable.

Douuod Christmas 2014 Douuod Christmas 2014
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Coat and dress Douuod availables on SMALLable

The (full of gifts) Advent calendar from Eliane et Léna

Advent calendar Eliane et Lena

This year again, Eliane et Léna launches on Facebook an Advent Calendar full of chocolates gifts!
Each day until Christmas three gifts are to win, two immediately and the third by a giveaway, and the gifts are often very attractive. To win for example a tulle dress to celebrate Christmas, a girl scarf + hat set, a bag Eliane et Léna, a three pieces baby set for a 250€ value (for Christmas)...
Here is a page Facebook we will visit daily!

Advent calendar Eliane et Lena

And it's also a perfect occasion, of course, to re-discover the winter Eliane et Léna collection, as usual very successful, which mixes streetwear looks and Couture details to create chic and lights outfits.
From the (many) little dresses to coats passing through the beautiful printed t-shirts, their eshop is full of temptations. And don't miss their accessories section with headbands, scarves and tights full of fancy which will be perfect to color the winter!

Collection Winter 2014 Eliane et Lena

Winter 2014 collection Eliane et Lena available on their eshop
The Eliane et Léna Advent calendar is on their Facebook page

➜ View all Eliane et Léna collections

Festive outfits again : Pale Cloud, of course !

Pale Cloud Christmas 2014

Impossible to evoke festive outfits without talking about the luxury and flamboyant creations from Pale Cloud, and even more because half pieces of their eshop are in sale and, if the size you need is available, you can find in some gorgeous dresses for £60.
Some sample of these beauties are below, and my favorites are, among the new collections the dress Loise, and the Art Deco set Gemma in the sale section.

Among the current collection:
Pale Cloud Christmas 2014 Pale Cloud Christmas 2014 Pale Cloud Christmas 2014 Pale Cloud Christmas 2014

And among the Pale Cloud Outlet:
Pale Cloud Christmas 2014 Pale Cloud Christmas 2014 Pale Cloud Christmas 2014 Pale Cloud Christmas 2014
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Collection Pale Cloud Fall/Winter 2014
Available on the Pale Cloud store and on ChildrenSalon

In the Christmas Edit of Elias & Grace

Christmas outfit Emile et Ida
Collar Emile et Ida (£15)

Elias & Grace has created a special page Christmas Edit and it's the occasion to present some festive and charming outfits and some ravishing accessories.
My favourites are without hesitation the Chloé dress, a treasure of softness, the so light Emila et Ida collar and the Woodstock Rabbit headband which seems to come from Alice in Wonderland.
I adore Christmas...!

Christmas outfit Chloé Christmas outfit Soft Gallery

Dresses Chloé (£132) and Soft Gallery (£63)
Christmas outfit Miller Christmas outfit Zef
Skirts Miller (£72) and Zef (£55)

Christmas outfit Woodstock Christmas outfit Woodstock

Headbands Woodstock Rabbit (£36) and Mouse (£36)

Christmas outfit Pèpè Christmas outfit Miller

Shoes Pèpè (£118) and Miller (£120)

Christmas selection on Elias & Grace