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The Schoolbag of the week #1

First part of long-term series today on Les Culottes Courtes: I receive each week many emails from brands and designer who present their products but I don't have enough time to discover and present in detail their creations. So, to not miss all these nice addresses, these inspiring sources and these young (or confirmed) designers, here is the Schoolbag of the week !
A new selection will be published each friday and we start today with :

So cute babies Ballerinas, but also accessories, cushions and scarves from Micocola


Shoes again,for babies and young children, in the pure Italian luxury style with Sonatina


Some DIY with the delicious French boutique Henry & Henriette which has launched an eshop !

Henry & Henriette

And fashion, of course, with the gorgeous and irresistible Danish brand Poppy Rose.

Poppy Rose

Happy week-end !

[Sale] The (very) small prices of young designers

Winter sale are between the second and the third markdown and, if there is many beautiful things everywhere, the brands which offer affordable prices in high season are now full of treasures at very very small prices.

Arsène et les Pipelettes

On Arsène et les Pipelettes you will find tops and blouses for 15/18€, sweaters and cardigans between 20€ and 30€, dresses, leggings, skirts and trousers between 15€ and 25€ and the beautiful Filly cape (more infos here) now available for 30€ !

Il Etait une Luciole

On Il Etait une Luciole, brand of basics chics (view more here), you will find skirts, blouses, dresses and winter trousers between 15€ and 30€, and the Réglisse coat, so beautiful with its Col Claudine, now at 34€.

Eliane et Léna

And on Eliane et Léna, a little bit more expensive than the two others, but which offers 50% OFF on all articles !
You can view here all our posts about Eliane et Léna.

[Sale] 60% OFF on all products on Troizenfants

Troizenfants has launched its second markdown and offers now 60% OFF on all products from all collections. And it's even more interesting when you see that the choice of products, colors and sizes is still very large.
An occasion not to miss, not only to complete your winter wardrobe but also to prepare next winter. How resist when you see their beautiful coats offered for 60€ instead of 160€ ?
Let's visit the Troizenfants online store !

Winter 2015 Sale on Troizenfants
The Winter Sale on Troizenfants : -> eshop

➜ All the Troizenfants collections on Les Culottes Courtes

Sale: the second markdown on Smallable

logo smallable

If you have missed the first week of the French sale, don't regret anything: the biggest shop of children fashion launches today its second markdown and there is still many (really many) beautiful things !
Among the brands offered with 50% or 60% OFF you will find beauties from Chloé, Troizenfants, Little Marc Jacobs, Gold Belgium, Louis Louise, Noro, Paul Smith and many others...
It's now and it's just here !

sale smallable

The second markdown on SMALLable

A ray of sunshine: Billieblush SS15

Billieblush Spring Summer 2015

Need a smile this morning after the French events so I've chosen to talk about Billieblush which is undoubtedly one of the most cheerful brand of children fashion. Their new collection Spring Summer 2015 is just arrived in store beside the winter sale.
Tones are softest than usual, as if they already had a patina, which participates to the retro tone of the collection. Billieblush has the talent to recreate the lightness and the fanciful of the 50's, adding modern touches in the details or the games of superpositions.
These charming clothes are as a ray of sunshine !

Billieblush Spring Summer 2015
Billieblush Spring Summer 2015 Billieblush Spring Summer 2015 Billieblush Spring Summer 2015 Billieblush Spring Summer 2015 Billieblush Spring Summer 2015 Billieblush Spring Summer 2015
Billieblush Spring Summer 2015
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Collection Billieblush Spring/Summer 2015
available beside the winter sale on ChildrenSalon and Melijoe

The 2014 Winter Sale !

2014 Winter Sale - Children Fashion

It's sparkling, it's shiny, it's the debut of the French Winter Sale !!!
Sale announced as rich and varied : the pre-sale hasn't had a huge success and the online stores still have a large choice to offer.
To help you find your wonders, here is our traditional list of the best places to shop for children fashion at half price !

Sale Petit Bateau Winter 2014

The biggest choice:

My Little Square
Elias & Grace

Our favourites:

Petit Bateau
Agnes B
Caramel Baby & Child
Noro Paris
Paul Smith

The brands we like and which have their own onine store:

Arsène et les Pipelettes
Nice Things Palomas
Louis Louise
Pale Cloud
Bakker Made With love
Eliane et Léna
La Queue du Chat
Marie Puce
Petit Produit
Il était une Luciole

The retailers we like:

French Blossom
Uncle Jeans
File Dans Ta Chambre
L'Atelier de Courcelles
Lilli Bulle
Petit et Unique
Anna Ka Bazaar


Je Suis Charlie

Happy New Year !

Happy New Year 2015

London Winter Sale

Uk Winter Sale are launched !
Here is best places to enjoy great bargains on children fashion :

# Paul Smith

# Elias & Grace

# Caramel Baby & Child

# ChildrenSalon

# Kickers

# Scandinavian Minimall

Merry Christmas !

Merry Christmas